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Happy Healthy Center


Happy Healthy Center

Dr. Cai is offering Chinese Medical Exercise and Meridian System Acupressure sessions every Saturday at Mountain Palace at 11:00 am. She is currently teaching the same class at Westmoreland Community College and has taught two eight-week sessions at the Ligonier YMCA. She has also taught preparation of healthy content food from our northern Chinese menu including preparation of such food for infants. Her thinking is if children could be taught healthy food alternatives at a young age they may be able to exercise later choices that may reduce incidence of such diseases as diabetes and heart disease.

Happy Healthy Inc was incorporated in Pennsylvania in March 2014 to facilitate this mission. A virtual classroom was created to be able to provide our happy healthy offerings to a greater number of people. A social community website is being developed to enable interested individuals to access our materials and socially engage each other to facilitate greater “happy healthy” development.

The live virtual classroom is currently accessible at The fledgling social community site is at Our Pitt Innovation Challenge Diabetes Intervention grant application can be viewed as a two-minute video at the club website. Come check us out and follow our development. Get into the happy healthy mission! Life is short and what is there other than “happy healthy?”



Wu Tse Chi

An initial cultural event occurred this past weekend when some young people enjoyed engaging in the ancient Chinese game of Wu Tse Chi (Five stone game). Learning the rules of the game is so simple, simply align five stones sequentially in any direction to win. Then begins the lifetime of mastery required to face an opponent as Lacy’s mother Yuzhen. The young people were thrilled to learn a new game as were mom and dad. Only at Mountain Palace can you find such interesting cultural experiences.

Hui Chun Yi Liao Jian Kang Bao Jian Chao

 “To return to young and healthy”

Yuzhen and Lacy are planning to offer instruction in this ancient Chinese exercise routine. Yuzhen will demonstrate and Lacy will provide discussion of the benefits and impact on various areas of the body and proper application of the activities. It consists of pressing one’s own pressure points and stimulating areas of the body to prevent and treat many diseases and conditions. Mountain Palace is the only facility in the area, perhaps in the United States,  where you can find exposure to this opportunity.