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At Mountain Palace, we present only homemade authentic northern Chinese food. From Miracle Dumplings to Hot Pot to Chinese Healthy Soups, only dishes native to the northern area of China are served. Northern China has its own food styles that you have likely never experienced. They are significantly different from typical Chinese restaurants in the United States which are generally operated by individuals from the southern area of China or Taiwan.

Miracle Dumplings are a northern Chinese traditional delight. A story says jiaozi (dumpling)  was invented thousands of years ago by famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor Zhang Zhongjing in ancient China to save people from frostbite by filling dough with meat and traditional Chinese medicine. This kindhearted doctor cut meat, vegetables, and herbal medicine into small pieces and wrapped them in thin dough and then boiled them in clear water. They were shaped like peoples' ears. When people ate the "ears" they not only recovered from their frozen ears but also were able to shake off their cold. Miracle Dumplings are currently available in seven varieties as can be seen on the menu above. For discussion of health benefits see Dr. Cai’s attached page regarding those benefits.

Hot Pot dining is a 2,000 year Chinese tradition where friends and family can enjoy togetherness in dining as a social event. Boiling meats or tofu with potatoes, Chinese radish, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, and dancing noodles in Tang Dynasty Spice (mild, medium, & hot) creates an aroma and taste to be enjoyed and remembered.

Chinese Healthy Soups are also a northern Chinese tradition. Beef potato and chicken potato soups are made of generous pieces of beef or chicken with red or golden potatoes with garlic and ginger as well as Chinese mixed spices of cinnamon, amomum costatum, aniseed, and Szechuan pepper.  The medicinal properties of garlic and ginger are well known and long established. The mixed spices keep you warm in winter and prevent colds and flu and enhance the immune system throughout the year. Chicken with mushroom and dancing noodle soup with similar spices as well as lycium barbarum is also an enjoyable taste delight  and is beneficial to health.

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Come to the Mountain Palace for healthy and tasty eating enjoyment. Experience the Chinese museum environment with its Jingdezhen porcelain and Suzhou embroidery art works.